The Silk™ Spa — Not Your Traditional Spas

Developed with your body in mind, Silk Spas use patented MicroSilk® technology which delivers benefits unlike any other form of hydrotherapy. Natural and non-invasive, tiny micro-bubbles gently pentrates skin and envelops the body to relieve irritation, soothe aches and pains, encourage metabolism, fight free radicals and promote wellness.

Silk Spa Benefits

Look Younger. Seriously.

The Silk micro bubbles stimulate your skins collagen levels, increasing it's elasticity and effectivly erasing wrinkles - leaving your skin silky smooth and appearing years younger. See the difference in just one treatment.

Effective Treatment for Skin Disorders

MicroSilk® technology has been used for years to treat skin ailments ranging from Ichthyosis to Eczema to Psoriasis.

Completely Natural

Increased cardiovascular activity

Serotonin Levels

Uses negative ions to improve serotonin, creating mood elevation and pain reduction.

Increased cardiovascular activity

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