Wrinkle Reduction

Danny V. | Belgium

"I saw improvements in my wrinkles and how silky my skin feels."

Pure Silk

Heidi D. | Belgium

"Best body lotion ever!"

No Greasy Feeling

Pete S. | Illinois

"Your skin feels like you applied the best lotion on the market without the greasy feeling."

Soft as a Baby

Stephanie K. | Arkansas

"Made my skin feel as soft as a baby."


Maryl R. | California

"After my skin had a glow of youthfulness to it."


Alex C. | Kansas

"MicroSilk® was an out of the box hydrotherapy experience. This changed the way I think of bathing!"

Spa Treatment

George M. | California

"MicroSilk® is a spa treatment without going to a spa resort."

...For the Face?

Jill V. | Colorado

"I want one!! I joked that I needed some snorkeling equipment so I could get it on my face!"

...Time Machine?

Heather P. | Florida

"felt like a soothing time machine for my skin, my skin felt and looked like it did 15 years ago!"

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